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Syria Kurds condemn Turkey attacks

Kurdish forces in Syria have accused Poultry of frequently attacking their models over the border

Poultry stated it had been looking into the claims but was adamant the Syrian Kurdish models continued to be outdoors the scope of the present military effort

Poultry released air raids on Islamic Condition martial artists in Syria and positions from the Kurdish militant PKK in Iraq following violent attacks in Poultry

Poultry has additionally stated it’s no intends to send ground troops into Syria

The Kurdish Peoples Protection Models (YPG) the armed wing from the primary Syrian Kurdish party (PYD) stated that Turkish tanks had shelled the Kurdish-held village of Zormikhar inside Syria late on Sunday evening

It added that the hour later certainly one of its automobiles had come under heavy fire in the Turkish military east of Kobane within the village of Til Findire

Inside a statement on Monday the YPG stated: Rather than focusing on IS terrorists occupied positions Turkish forces attack our defenders positions This isn’t the best attitude

We urge Turkish leadership to prevent this aggression and also to follow worldwide recommendations We’re telling the Turkish Military to prevent shooting at our martial artists as well as their positions

A Turkish government official stated its military procedures searched for to neutralise imminent risks to Turkeys regional security and it was focusing on Is within Syria and also the Kurdish separatist PKK in Iraq

We’re looking into claims the Turkish military engaged positions held by forces apart from [IS] the state stated

The PYD together with others remains outdoors the scope of the present military effort

Turkish Pm Ahmet Davutoglu told a conference of Turkish newspaper editors that following Turkeys military action there have been now new conditions within the regional conflict

The existence of a Poultry that may use its pressure effectively can result in effects which could change the overall game in Syria Iraq and also the entire region everybody should observe thatInch the Hurriyet Daily News cited him as saying

The Washington Publish meanwhile reviews that Poultry and also the U . s . States have agreed to produce a p facto safe zone along Syrias border with Poultry

This type of deal would considerably boost the scope and pace of america-brought air war against Is within northern Syria the paper states

Nato would be to hold an urgent situation meeting on Tuesday to go over the problem

Poultry – a Nato member – requested the meeting according to Article 4 from the organisations founding treaty which enables people to request this type of summit if their territorial integrity or security is threatened

When Poultry demands for this type of meeting I believe its very right and incredibly timely to possess a meeting where we address the turmoil and also the instability we have seen in Syria Iraq and surrounding and shut to Nato edges of Poultry Nato Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg told the BBC

Mr Davutoglu stated Poultry was prepared to utilize the PYD – that has links towards the PKK (Kurdistan Employees Party) – provided it didn’t pose a menace to Poultry and severed relations with Syrian Leader Bashar al-Assad

Nevertheless the raids from the PKK in northern Iraq effectively ended a 2-year ceasefire

Turkeys harmful game

Who’re the PKK?

Turkish press warning over air strikes

Turkish mother and father ongoing to arrest suspected people of IS or even the PKK with further morning hours raids on Monday

In recent days Poultry has arrested 100s of individuals suspected of supporting the militants

Police raids on suspected IS and PKK people within the town of Istanbul triggered 72 hours of rioting within the Gazi district

A minumum of one activist along with a policeman happen to be wiped out