North Korea unveils new slogans

North Korea has revealed some 375 new slogans within the runup towards the forthcoming congress from the ruling Employees Party of Korea in May

Released in staterun newspaper Rodong Sinmun the exclamation markheavy slogans reflect within the words from the ruling party epochmaking changes that will bring final victory underneath the leadership of Marshal Kim Jongun Even though many urge North Korean people to operate hard making hurrah for that glory from the party others seem particularly ominous for both Pyongyangs foreign rivals as well as for domestic party authorities who ought to be true persons working devotedly to apply the Partys guidelines towards the last despite the fact that they might die!

The party congress would be the first such meeting since 1980 and people are now being advised to interrupt production targets and finish key construction projects before it begins

One of the slogans revealed is really a call to renovate the 500m (1640 ft) lengthy former presidential structure that houses the physiques of dynastic leaders Kim Jongil and Kim Ilsung

Theres a demand people to be more conscious of the countrys sole statesanctioned pop group Gain knowledge from the revolutionary and militant creative type of the Moranbong Band!

These slogans will likely replace a listing of 310 released through the party in Feb this past year They incorporated eyebrowraising calls to plant more mushrooms and to produce a socialist fairyland in North Korea

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